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Concentric clamping device for elbows

Actu Protem 05/17/2017

The new generation of the elbow clamping device was designed to clamp the US-Series Machines onto any type of elbow.

The main benefit of this technology is the possibility to machine elbows onsite precisely and fast.

 Elbow mandrel assembly for Protem US-Series Machines

The most significant innovation of the clamping device is the set-up time. The jaws move all at the same time when clamping. It guarantees perfect positioning of the machine on the tube.

During the set-up, a triangular plate is set on the device to ensure flatness.

The device is extremely durable and provides highprecision machining.

Option available for Protem US-Series Machines.


 3 step set-up


Step 1 : Switching the standard mandrel to the elbow clamping device.


Step 2 : Machine clamping: No adjustments needed. The device is self-centering because of the concentric jaws.


Step 3 : Removing the triangular plate. the machine is now ready for machining.