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On-site Machining

On-site Machining


PROTEM, manufacturer of portable machining equipment, has experienced and trained technicians to perform your machining operations on-site.

Our Technicians:

  • Have the necessary certifications
  • Benefit from more than 40 years of experience
  • Assist our customers in solving their machining issues and propose suitable solutions
  • Use PROTEM’s world renowned equipment, well known for quality, reliability, ruggedness and capability
  • Are professional and offer the industry their expertise, skills and experience

This service can optimize your on-site operations thanks to the help of a PROTEM engineer.

  • The engineer or technician can travel to the job site
  • The operator can perform the operation directly on the part to be machined. The machines are portable, designed to make on-site machinings with perfect quality

For any on-site machining request, please contact us.