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Key Dates

Key Dates

PROTEM designs and manufactures equipment used for the construction, maintenance and dismantling of tubular components. PROTEM also designs special equipment used for projects including waste processing operations.

1971: Design and manufacture of the first portable pipe beveling machine : The S 28

1980: Trademark PROTEM is recorded and patented. PROTEM means PROfessionalism, Technical know how, and Expertise in Mechanical Engineering.

1985: Design and manufacture of the first specialty machine. This machine is operated in a nuclear power plant and ensures the maintenance of tubular components.

1987: PROTEM GmbH is set up in Germany.

1990: Pilot project for the dismantling of a reactor in a Belgian nuclear power plant.

1994: Creation of the business unit specifically for OIL & GAS and the design of equipment for the installation and maintenance of pipelines.

1995: PROTEM is awarded a contract on machines for Power Plant Maintenance, worth several million Euros, from a South American customer.

1997: A branch office is opened in Ukraine

2002: PROTEM is awarded the contract for the dismantling of the KNKII reactor (sodium cooled reactor), the first in the World.

2003: PROTEM is awarded the contract for the supply of machining, welding equipment and engineering assistance for the EURODIF (AREVA) Gas and Diffusion Plant (uranium enrichment).

2004: A branch office is opened in Spain.

2005: PROTEM enters into a collaborative contract with the nuclear research centers of Mol in Belgium and Karlsruhe in Germany. Establishment of a European competencies association. Links with the IAEA in Vienna and owners of the EDF (Nuclear Operators) in France.

2006: PROTEM enters into a collaborative contract with the CEA; research, development and implementation of cutting processes for the dismantling and clean up operations of nuclear power plants in France.

2007: PROTEM enters the German Nuclear Council.

2008: PROTEM delivers more than 50 machines to the nuclear power plant Atucha in Argentina.

2009: PROTEM supplies machining equipment for the prefabrication yards of Qatar Petroleum.

2012: A branch office is opened in Russia.

2013: Warehouse and offices are enlarged to meet the requirements that have occured because of the growth and expansion of PROTEM. Many new jobs are created as a result of this expansion.

2014: Creation of PROTEM USA.

2015: Design and development of specific dismantling procedures for European and Asian nuclear operations.