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  • New Sales & Service Engineer at Protem to meet the requirement demands of the Oil & Gas market !

New Sales & Service Engineer at Protem to meet the requirement demands of the Oil & Gas market !

Actu Protem 06/12/2019

PROTEM has hired Aymeric Fournel as his new Sales and Solutions Engineer for Oil & Gas projects


Aymeric will be serving PROTEM’S customers worldwide. As a recent graduate in Engineering from the University of Strasbourg in France, he will be working to maintain and expand PROTEM’S presence. He will support our current customers and distributors, as well as, prospect for and connect with new business contacts.

Aymeric will utilize the full resources of PROTEM’s extensive global expertise to provide solutions for our customers that improve the quality of their cutting and beveling operations, as well as being able to increase their efficiency and productivity through the use of PROTEM machines.

Aymeric is looking forward to meeting with our customers to understand their project specifications in order to anticipate their needs and draw on PROTEM’s expertise to meet their quality, capability and reliability requirements. PROTEM’s strength has long been its flexibility, responsiveness and ability to adapt to meet their customer’s needs.

For more than 50 years, PROTEM has been a strategic partner with many major companies, in a variety of industries, across the globe, in the design, manufacture and implementation of portable machining, cutting and welding equipment. PROTEM has earned the status of worldwide leader in these industries because of an unceasing commitment to consistently optimize their performance and offer excellent support to industry operations all over the world. PROTEM takes this responsibility very seriously. We will always continue to cultivate and maintain this trust!