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  • World Leading Machining Solutions

    Beveling - Pipe Facing - Orbital cutting - Counterboring - Surfacing - Boring
  • World Leading Machining Solutions

    Beveling - Pipe Facing - Orbital cutting - Counterboring - Surfacing - Boring
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Unfair Business Practices

Actu Protem 06/29/2022

I am sorry to have to send such a message to a competitor based in the USA..

Well, do they use such unfair business practices because they are anxious of being not as good as they (shall I write perhaps or never ?) were once ? Lack of creativity ? Lack of innovative capacity ? Lack of ethics ?

For the attention of XXXX XXXXX
Chief Executive Officer
Certified Mail


It has been brought to my attention that you and your company make unauthorized and illegal use of PROTEM´s registered trademark for XXXXX related to your marketing advertisement, sale and rental of goods and services.
As you know, a common law trademark infringement occurs when a party utilizes a trade or service mark that creates a likelihood of customer confusion. Among other, when you redirect visitors to your website while using google ads including our trademark.
Something you have been doing for several months

From my point of view, it is a pity to have to observe such poor practices. You do not respect industrial ethics and I deeply deplore it.
You can avoid legal action by immediately ceasing and desisting from any and all infringing activity such as the one mentioned above.
I demand you to confirm your clear understanding of the content of this letter within seven (7) of its receipt . I demand you also to cease and desist immediately this trademark infrigement.

Sincerely yours

Nadia Reicher
#trademarkinfringement #illegaluse #pipebeveling #PROTEM #PROTEMUSA #PipeMachining