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XP 600 XP600

  • XP 600
XP 600
0 mm (0.00") ID
600 mm (23.62") OD
Surfacing of all types of flanges: 10 to 600 mm (0.39” - 23.6”). With a minimum height of 150 mm (5.9”), it can be slid into position between the two flanges for machining sealing surfaces, for instance, when a valve is being replaced.Its weight is reduced to a strict minimum and enables it to be handled and set up by a single operator, without any need for extra handling devices.The machine is available in a 3-arm version for clamping onto the outside of the flange with the FC 745 system (machining sealing surfaces + dowelpin bearing surfaces) or in a 4-arm version for being held directly in the dowel pin bores (for machining sealing surfaces only).These features make the machine ideal for all surfacing operations on diameters from 10 to 600 mm (23.6”).


Technical Features

  • 600 mm (23.62")
  • 40 mm (1.57")
  • Yes
  • 600 mm (23.62")
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